6 Excellent Low Cost Business Ideas


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6 Excellent Low Cost Business Ideas

I have learned one of the most important things about starting a new business is to just get going. You can personally get so tied up in the planning stage that it can be paralyzing. Not to mention that everyone you tell your business idea to will undoubtedly have a negative comment to make. It’s not that they don’t believe in you. Rather, it is the fear inside of them that they project onto you; in an attempt to spare you from the failure they fear themselves.

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Start A Business for $100 Or Less

Many people want to start their own business and most think they need thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so. While that is true for many types of business, it is also possible, with a bit on ingenuity and elbow grease, to start a business for $100 or less. Check out these great ideas:

How To Create The Perfect Home Office

If you work from home, or are planning to, it is important to know what to look for when buying a new home with the perfect home office space.You want to start a home business, but your current home isn’t really suited to it. So, you’re on the hunt for a new one. Here’s what to look for in a home that’s suitable for running a home business.

Does Your Business Need a Private Detective?

Unfortunately, in business and in life, there are situations that come up from time to time that may just require a person to contract the services of a confidential investigation and loss prevention company. Finding the right investigator is no easy task and will take some work. Usually, there are a variety of different investigators in an area. The best way to narrow the selection is by taking the time to go in for some consultations. There you will be able to not only meet the investigator but also ask all of the questions you need to so it is a good way to start.

Business Loans With Less Than Perfect Credit

Many business opportunity seekers consider taking out a second mortgage on their home in order to get their seed capital. Of course, when applying for a second mortgage, it certainly helps if your credit score is good. But what if it’s not? There used to be a time when having less-than-perfect credit meant getting an automatic, unequivocal, no from lenders and banks. Things have changed. Today you can get credit with bad credit, if you know how.

Boost Your Business With An Instagram Video Marketing Strategy

Are you aware that Instagram recently introduced an amazing update that gives you the chance to record or post 60-second videos? This is a drastic increase from its former 15-second videos. In addition, this forward thinking social network is bringing in unique video capabilities like video view counts and slow-motion potentiality, to stage. Instagram has portrayed remarkable growth over the past few years, and this has greatly improved the video content for many brands.

Is It Safe To Buy Real Estate At Auction?

I realize there are a lot of real estate “flippers” out there. With all of the television programs on it makes it all look almost too easy. Most flippers will tell you that buying the property is the hardest part. Most successful flippers will also say, buying a property is when you make your money. You have to buy it right and make sure you do not over pay for the property.

Once You Have Your Business Plan – Don’t Forget The Advertising!!

Your great ideas and passion are only half the battle in running a successful business. The ability to provide adequate start-up capital is not always the only key to success either. In fact, even with large sums of cash injected into a new venture, a huge number of new startups will still fail within their first year. Why is that? Often times it from failure to plan a procedure and budget for proper advertising.

Does Your Brick and Mortar Business Need A Website?

Whether one is looking to digitize their aged brick and mortar business or create something that captures the spirit and essence of their startup, it’s more important than ever to design a useful website. If a company doesn’t plan on selling anything online, that's fine. Having a website can increase credibility and give people more information to go off of before they even set foot in a physical location.

Bounce Your Way to Success with Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Franchise

With a new-store opening cost between $1,000,000 to $2,000,000, Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Arena Franchise is not for the faint of heart. Still, Franchisee Chris Bouma from Grand Rapids, Michigan is happy with his franchise choice and tells us, “It takes an incredible amount of time and quite a bit of business savvy. You will work harder than you ever have, but it is also exciting and rewarding at the same time. Be prepared to answer about a thousand questions every day. You’re the boss and you need to be able to make decisions quickly and move on.”

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Start Your Own On-Demand Pet Walking Business

I have a friend, let's call her Colleen. She’s been down on her luck the past few years and has not been able to catch a break. Divorced, lost her job, 16 year old son causing her grief – I’m sure you get the picture. Colleen has always worked for someone else and she is tired, frustrated, pushing 43 and looking for a better way to live.

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Creative Business Ideas For 2016

If 2016 is the year you were going to start your own business, allow me to point out it is now June 30th, 2016 and half the year is through. So if this is your year, it is time to shake your tail feathers. Take a look at the list below and see if any of the 2016 Trending Opportunities could be just what you are looking for.

803+ Businesses Every Town Needs – You Can Start

803 Businesses Every Town Needs


IDEAS / JUNE 23, 2016 /

We originally posted this List in 2014 but it had so many views and comments we knew it was time to re-do and update it for you here.

How To Start Your Business On A Shoe-String Budget

Starting a business is the American dream. After all, who wouldn’t want to:Be their own boss Call their own shots Take off when they want Vacation when they want Have enough money and time to live the life they choose Answer to no one except themselves.

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